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Of course, you want to keep your doors locked at all times when you are not home. That said, having to fumble with keys is time-consuming, especially when your hands are full. If you are looking to invest in a keyless door lock, you have come to the right place. 

Yale Assure Lock

The Yale Assure Lock is quite a secure lock, because it just features a PIN pad, and it does not have any cylinder that can be picked, such as normal locks have. 

The Yale Assure Lock features a simple PIN pad to key your PIN into, and you can set your custom PIN combination. This is also a smartphone-enabled lock, and when you have your phone on you and you approach the lock, it will open on its own. You can even open and close the lock remotely using the August app.

What is also nice is that the Yale Assure Lock allows you to provide guests and family with their entry codes. Moreover, you can also check the history to see who opened your door and when, and when your door is opened or locked, you will receive a notification on your phone. It’s a simple and secure smart lock with many neat features, and it won’t cost you a fortune. 


  • Multiple entry methods
  • Custom PIN for guests
  • Realtime updates
  • Reasonably priced
  • Quite durable


  • Complicated installation
  • The app can be difficult to set up

Ultraloq UL3 BT Smart Lock

When it comes down to it, this has to be one of the coolest smart locks available, and it all has to do with the fact that it features 5 different entry options. First off, you can use a normal key to open this lock. 

Second, you can set a unique PIN pad combination to open the door that way. Next, the Ultraloq UL3 BT Smart Lock also comes with a fingerprint scanner, so you can open the door with nothing more than a finger. 

You can use the app on your smartphone to unlock the door, plus you can also use a special knock-to-open feature. In other words, with the app open, you can knock on your phone or shake it from side to side to unlock the Ultraloq UL3, BT Smart Lock

The Ultraloq UL3 BT Smart Lock also comes with long battery life, a low battery alarm, a weatherproof design, and it even has a real door handle on it.


  • 5 entry modes
  • Quite durable
  • Real door handle
  • OLED display
  • Realtime updates via the app


The fingerprint scanner is not the most reliable

Kwikset 99090-019 Deadbolt

If you want a simple and easy lock for your door, one that you don’t need a key for, this Kwikset 99090-019 Deadbolt allows you to open it with an actual key if need be. However, the main feature here is the PIN pad. 

You can set up to 8 customizable PINs for yourself, your family, and your friends, and there is one master combination that can be used as well. Simply enter the PIN and your door will unlock. 

The PIN pad does come with LED backlighting which makes it easy to see in the dark. It also comes with an auto-lock feature, so it can be set to automatically lock after a set amount of time. 

The Kwikset 99090-019 Deadbolt also has a one-touch lock feature to allow you to lock your door with a single push of a button, for those times when you are in a hurry to get out of the house. 


  • Simple installation
  • Very easy to use
  • Key and pin entry
  • Customizable PIN 
  • One-touch and auto-lock features


Tends to suffer from technical difficulties

Schlage Lock Company BE489WB Deadbolt

This deadbolt from Schlage Lock Company allows the user to set up to 100 different combinations to use with the PIN pad. This way, each person can have their PIN. Even better is that using the required app, you can keep track of who opens your door and when. Using the app, you can always check to see if your door is locked or not.

What you may also like about the BE489WB Deadbolt is that it is easy to install with a screwdriver and a single hand.

In terms of durability and resistance to tampering, thanks to the durable design, we think that it is one of the best and most secure options. With the Schlage Lock Company BE489WB Deadbolt, you can open it using a key, a numerical PIN, or you can use your phone for voice-free activation. 


  • Easy installation
  • Multiple entry methods
  • Very durable
  • Great warranty
  • Allows for constant monitoring


The app is not 100% reliable

Samsung SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock

If you want an extremely secure digital lock for your door, this is always a good option to check out and the reason is that you need an RFID tag to open it − you need to use the PIN that you set for yourself, as well as the RFID tag. You can set over 70 different PINs for you and your family, but everybody who uses the lock needs the RFID tag.

The Samsung SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock comes with anti-theft measures that will sound an alarm when it is tampered with, and it also comes with a fire alarm.

You may also like how this lock comes with a double locking feature for extra security, plus it also locks itself after a set time. Moreover, in terms of overall durability and tamper resistance, thanks to the solid design, it’s one of the securest options out there.


  • Very strong and durable
  • Tamper-resistant + alarms
  • Requires RFID tag
  • Can set many PINs
  • Auto-locking feature 


If you lose the RFID tags, you will have issues


Besides the problem of losing any RFID tag, if you need a secure, simple, and durable lock, the Samsung SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock is the option we would recommend over all others.