Below is a brief overview for those interested in a quick glance at the laws and requirements for becoming a locksmith in Tennessee.

If you’re interested in the details of how to actually follow through, you should look at our article “How to Become a Locksmith in Tennessee

License Requirement

Strict and thorough

Background Check

  • Fingerprints Required

Education Requirements

  • Education requirements can be waived if requester holds valid locksmith license from another state AND has completed CRL, CPL or CML certification from ALOA. (Experience requirement not waived)
  • Minimum of 2 years work experience required
  • At least 30 hours of basic education

Additional 1 hour of study required in:

  • Vehicle lock service;
  • Cylinder servicing, high security cylinders and pin and wafer tumbler cylinders;
  • Exit hardware and door closers;
  • Lock set functions and installations;
  • Lock opening techniques;
  • Lock codes and code cutting equipment;
  • Master keying;
  • Safe combination locks;
  • Access control; and
  • Tennessee locksmith laws and rules

Misc Rules

  • Required to hold General Liability insurance of at least $100,000

Use of Lockpicks and Similar Tools

Not legal unless licensed. Want to know if lockpicks are legal? We have a post for that.

Note: We are not lawyers. Make sure you verify this with your lawyer.