Below is a brief overview for those interested in a quick glance at the laws and requirements for becoming a locksmith in Virginia.

If you’re interested in the details of how to actually follow through, you should look at our article “How to Become a Locksmith in Virginia

License Requirement

Strict and thorough

Background Check

  • Fingerprints Required
  • Criminal History Supplemental Form Required

Education Requirements

  • 18 hours course, excluding examination
  • 4 Hours in-service Training

Misc Rules

  • Insurance or Bond required per 9.1-144

Use of Lockpicks and Similar Tools

Legal to own unless the intended use was to gain illegal entry or for theft; or used on a lock for which you didn’t obtain permission. You could also be charged with possessing burglary tools if you are in possession of lockpicks while committing a crime. Want to know if lockpicks are legal? We have a post for that.

Note: Possession can be considered prima facie evidence against you, so you may be required to fight this in court. We are not lawyers. Make sure you verify this with your lawyer.