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As we move into a more technologically advanced world, electronic locks are becoming the norm in every household.

Compared to regular deadbolts, these high-tech locks eliminate the need to carry a physical key.

What’s more, they double as a reliable yet cost-effective home security system for your front door.

If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s security, you’ll find that Schlage is among the best brands that offer high-quality electric deadbolts.

Here is a Schlage Camelot Deadbolt review to help you determine whether or not it is a worthy investment.

Schlage Camelot Deadbolt Review

Schlage has been crafting door locks for more than 100 years, so you know they are a trusted brand.

Among their best creations yet is the Camelot deadbolt.

Compared to older models, this electronic deadbolt is enhanced to provide better security.

It allows keyless access, but you can also use the included key whenever necessary.

Because it runs on battery, it doesn’t require wiring and is almost effortless to install.

Lastly, you can complement your home’s exterior by choosing from the many styles it comes in.

Who Is This Product For?

The Schlage Camelot allows you to control when the door is locked and unlocked, as well as sends you notifications if any activities occur.

As such, it is perfect for your home if you always have guests come and go.

You’d be able to give your family and friends a custom code for entry and also monitor who is entering your home at any given time.

This Schlage device combines the security offered by a deadbolt and the convenience you’d get from a keyless lock.

Aside from that, you’ll like that the installation only takes a few minutes.

Even those who aren’t tech-savvy will be able to figure it out.

What’s Included?

The Schlage Camelot Deadbolt comes with a few essential items, which are:

  • The Schlage Camelot Deadbolt
  • One 9V battery
  • Hardware
  • Installation instructions
  • 3-year limited electronic warranty
  • Limited lifetime mechanical and finish warranty

Overview of the Features

For a more in-depth Schlage Camelot Deadbolt review, here’s a closer look at each of its best features:

  • Turn-Lock

The turn-lock system includes thumb turns to re-lock the Camelot deadbolt.

This mechanism allows you to lock the device from outside the door while leaving.

  • Backup Key

The Schlage Camelot comes with a backup key for when you wish to open the door the old-school way.

Plus, it allows you to manually override the device if you can’t remember the passcode.

  • Privacy Mode

If you’re going on a trip or will be out of town for a while, you can disable the keypad.

Disabling the keypad turns the keylock into privacy mode.

In privacy mode, you will only be able to use the key to get in and out of the property.

  • Durable Keypad

The keypad is backlit, which makes it easy to use regardless of the time of day.

Additionally, the keys are silicone-coated for longevity.

  • Battery Indicator

Because the Camelot runs on battery, Schlage recognizes the importance of letting you know when the device is running low.

For your convenience, a notification will be sent to your phone to tell you when you need to replace the battery.

  • Premium Metal Construction

You will most likely install the Camelot on your front door.

Thankfully, its metal construction ensures it can withstand the elements.

It is made of the highest-quality industry metal that guarantees not only durability but also security.


  • Easy installation
  • No wiring
  • Multiple access codes
  • Multiple trim styles


  • Lifespan is only a few years

How To Install the Schlage Camelot Deadbolt

Installing the Schlage Camelot Deadbolt is very straightforward.

Even if you don’t have much knowledge about installing door locks, you’d still be able to follow the instructions.

Here is a breakdown of the steps you’ll need to take to install the device correctly:

Step 1: Check the door dimensions and ensure the lock will fit.

Step 2: Adjust the bolt length if the bolt doesn’t line up.

Step 3: Next, change the faceplate so that it matches your door edge.

Step 4: Now, install a bolt into the door lock.

Step 5: After that, rotate the baseplate cam to the correct position.

Step 6: Now, attach the keypad and route the wire over the bolt by putting the tailpiece through the slot.

Step 7: After that, route the wire through the hole in the baseplate.

Step 8: Next, install the base plate, connect the wire, and put the 9V battery in its slot.

Step 9: After placing the battery in the holder, tuck the cables inside before installing the cover.

Step 10: Lastly, install the reinforcement plate and strike into the door jamb.

Now that you have it set up, you would want to test the lock to see if it works.

If you have trouble configuring the lock, it’s best to contact Schlage’s support page.

However, before you do that, you might also want to read through the manual for installation here.


An excellent alternative to the Schlage Camelot Deadbolt is the Lockly Vision Deadbolt with Video Doorbell Smart Lock.

Instead of having just a physical key, this electronic lock includes keycodes and fingerprint access.

Not only that, but another neat feature is that it has an installed HD video camera that allows you to live record and monitor your doorway.

At the same time, you’d be able to communicate with the person at your door through the device’s two-way audio.

That said, the Lockly includes a remote smart lock that enables you to control it from anywhere.

You can even grant one-time user codes that are time-sensitive.

On top of that, the remote smart lock stores all access history, enabling you to review what’s happening.

You can get text updates and notifications on your mobile devices, too.

Lastly, there is a two-year electronics warranty to cover any issues that may occur.

Overall, it’s an excellent alternative for those who have more than just their family coming and going.

Is the Schlage Camelot Deadbolt Any Good?

Switching to electronic locks is an excellent way to monitor your home when you’re away.

Moreover, it reduces the hassle of carrying around your keys or replacing them if lost.

Getting notifications every time the door is unlocked can also help you rest assured that you know when and who is accessing your home.

There’s no doubt that the Schlage Camelot Deadbolt is a good investment for any property owner.

It doesn’t have any extra flashy features but still includes a genuinely efficient system that’s built to last.

Overall, we think it’s an excellent middle ground for those looking for a passcode and deadbolt lock.