Ghost Pick Set (GSP)


  • Complete set of government steel tools offering less breakage.
  • Designed by expert craftsman at Peterson Locksmithing Tools.
  • Exclusive 6-Piece Eagle Tension Tool set included
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The Peterson Ghost Pick Set can help you grow your future. With 8 tools, and 1 exclusive tension set, it will help you unlock anything that stands in your way.

Designed for hands ranging from delicate piano players, to rugged factory workers, these tools can cope with the stress, while telling you all the secrets that the lock has to tell. Unlike the economy, however, this lockpick set won’t leave you out in the cold.

The exclusive Eagle Tension Tool set is designed straight, which allows you the luxury of choosing to apply a flex anywhere on the tool that you require. This added flex improves pin feel, while also improving comfort during longer picking sessions.


1x Eagle Series Case
1x Hook 1
1x Hook 5
1x Peterson Reach
1x 6-Piece Eagle Tension Tool Set Only available with this purchase.
1x Long Ripple
1x Bogota 1
1x Bogota 2
1x Pry Bar Lite (No Teeth)

Why Choose the Ghost Pick Set by Peterson?

A mechanic’s wrenches are his livelihood. A chef’s knives pay his bills. And a locksmith’s pick set can be the difference between putting food on his plate, or not.

The Peterson Ghost Pick Set is the right tool for most of your daily picking requirements. Between the standard bogota rakes, and the versatile hook picks, you can pick most any lock you find.

Peterson Lockpicks are designed by locksmiths, for locksmiths.

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