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The Pro-1 tubular lock pick is a hands on picking tool. It is useful for standard (0.380 diameter) 7 pin locks (including 7 left and 7 right) and 8 pin locks. It also has tips for the standard 0.360 and .340 7 pin locks. It also has a specific tip for the tubular Abus Padlock.

A removable collar allows you to access locks with restricted access such as is found on some bicycle locks.

Peterson has improved the brass key-tips, and now include all of them with this tool. The aluminum end is now molded from high strength fiber filled nylon like the rest of the tool. The probe wires are also over-molded with the same fiber filled nylon. The carrying case is now a blow molded case with an insert. These changes have allowed us to offer this tool with all of the key-tips for the same value as that selection would have cost years ago. Without making these changes the Pro-1 would now list for hundreds of dollars more.

While there are always some special extremely high security locks with 9 or more pins, pin within a pin or staggered pin positions which it can not open, thankfully those locks are few and far between.

There are cheaper products available for specific locks, but if you purchased those individual picks for several of the above mentioned locks you would quickly pay more than the Pro-1 costs. AND the Pro-1 works better. Think of it as your master key.

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