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The Best Beginner Lock Pick Set in 2021

The best beginner lock pick set is the one that allows you to focus on learning the skill, and not on whether or not your lock pick is the reason you haven't cracked that lock open yet. I know. You're tempted to go for a cheap lock pick set on ...

Are Lockpicks Illegal In California?

Are Lockpicks Illegal in California? To answer the question specifically, we need to start by looking at California Penal Code 466. Without boring you to death with the actual text, essentially what it tells us is that if you have anything in your possession with intent to use it ...

Are Lockpicks Legal?

Are lockpicks legal to own? Are lockpicks legal to use? These are questions I hear frequently, and had myself when I was first starting out. The answer to the question is about as confusing as the ...