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When it comes to ensuring the safety of your home, you can not compromise on quality and build.

The best double cylinder deadbolt will be a combination of an innovative yet convenient locking system that ensures maximum security without compromising quality.

We reviewed five of the most impressive double cylinder deadbolts available for residential use.

Best Double Cylinder Deadbolt Reviews

1. Design House 702613 Double Cylinder Deadbolt

If you are looking for a mid to low-tier deadbolt lock, then the Design House 702613 is a great option to consider.

It offers reversible installation and anti-bump technology for standard exterior doors that are susceptible to intruder break-ins.

Product Highlights

The Design House 702613 double cylinder deadbolt is made from high-quality zinc material that enhances its overall durability.

It comes with a three-grade rating by ANSI, making it a basic deadbolt for residences located in low-security threat regions.

You will find that this deadbolt lock has an ambidextrous utility which means you can easily install it reversibly on both right and left sides.

The deadbolt’s packaging includes all necessary tools for installation, including mounting hardware, so you can cut back on additional costs.

What We Like

We particularly like the enhanced security features in this deadbolt.

For instance, it utilizes a KW1 Keyways pattern with a five-pin security point that makes it difficult for intruders to pick the lock easily.

Additionally, there is anti-bump technology used that prevents intruders from kicking in the door.

What We Don’t Like

Despite the enhanced security features of the lock, we were not satisfied with the three-grade rating by ANSI.

If you are residing in an area with high-security threats, this lock is not a preferred choice.


  • Ideal for standard size doors
  • Easy to install with manual
  • Durable construction


  • Does not allow easy rekeying 

2. 1 Pack Keyed Alike Entry Door Knobs or Keyed Door Lock

This deadbolt set is perfect for people requiring an extra layer of security in high-traffic areas.

You can easily double lock with the same key during the night and use the single deadbolt lock during the day.

Product Highlights

Just by glancing at the packing of this deadbolt, you will find that its dual locking mechanism offers superior safety and protection.

The set includes a single and double deadbolt locking mechanism that can be worked with a single set of keys.

That means you have the option of utilizing both a basic and enhanced locking capacity depending on the utility and requirements of the situation.

You will also notice that both sets are made with a superior quality solid steel material that can easily withstand weathering and intruder break-ins.

What We Like

We found the dual locking system of this deadbolt set extremely versatile.

You can use both locks during the night and one during the day when increased access is required.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about anti-bump technology as the dual locking mechanism prevents forced entry.

What We Don’t Like

You will need to invest in a toolkit to install this deadbolt set if you do not already own one.

Although the set itself is easy to install, you will also need to purchase two sets of three-inch screws to reinforce the strike plate.


  • Ideal for high traffic access areas
  • One key convenience
  • Versatile installing capacity


  • Not suitable for standard doors

3. Baldwin Prestige 385 Round Double Cylinder Deadbolt

The Baldwin Prestige 385 double cylinder deadbolt is an ideal locking mechanism for tackling mid-level security concerns.

Its sturdy construction with two levels of secure locking mechanisms makes it an ideal choice for exterior doors.

Product Highlights

The most attractive feature of the Baldwin Prestige 385 double cylinder deadbolt is the SmartKey technology that allows easy rekeying.

You will find that this feature is extremely convenient, especially if you have lost a pair of keys or have an unreturned pair from tenants.

The rekeying process only takes three simple steps whereby you use the primary key and the SmartKey tool to guide you through the process.

After inserting the primary key and rotating it 90 degrees clockwise, you insert the SmartKey tool firmly alongside.

Once removed, insert the new key and rotate it twice at 180 degrees and then 90 degrees to establish it as the new primary key.

Additionally, the lock has an extremely durable construction that can withstand seasonal wear and tear without compromising overall security.

The solid brass latch comes with a hardened steel rolling pin that adds to the overall sturdy construction of the deadbolt.

We also found that this deadbolt lock is ANSI grade two certified, ensuring a conventional level of security without easy forced entry.

In terms of installation, the lock is an easy DIY endeavor and naturally fits standard doors with thickness levels ranging between 1⅜ and 1¾ inches.

What We Like

The Baldwin Prestige 385 security-enhancing features are fairly impressive.

We found the secondary side locking bar on the deadbolt locking system an innovative feature that upgrades its overall security level.

It is made with sturdy stainless steel material that compliments the overall durable construction of the lock.

It also protects against lock bumping, a common technique used by intruders to pick on standard pin and tumbler locks.

What We Don’t Like

This deadbolt lock does not come with standard three-inch screws to install the strike plate into the door frame.

Thus, increasing overall costs with an additional purchase of these screws.

You will also find that, unlike other deadbolt locks, installation may take longer than other locking systems.


  • Easy rekeying capability
  • Sturdy metal built
  • Additional security side lock


  • Screws for installation not included

4. Rulart Double Cylinder Deadbolt

The Rulart Double Cylinder Deadbolt offers an above-average level of security and privacy to homes.

The complete stainless steel construction of the system makes it highly durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Product Highlights

The most attractive feature of the Rulart Double Cylinder Deadbolt is that it is made with sturdy stainless steel 304 material.

The full metal structure is rust-proof and will not break against forced entry attempts.

We also found that the stainless steel column within the locking mechanism is anti-saw, which adds an extra layer of strength and protection.

You will particularly like how convenient it is to install this deadbolt on any standard door ranging from 1.3 to two inches.

The packaging includes three-inch screws with a user-friendly manual that makes installation easy with only a screwdriver.

What We Like

The overall solid build of this double cylinder locking system is very impressive.

It is anti-shock and resistant to forced entry and lock picking, enhancing the security systems of the place intended.

It is also supported by an equally high-quality built set of three keys that are heavier and sturdier than aluminum or steel.

What We Don’t Like

If you are particular about ANSI ratings, this deadbolt lock will disappoint you as the packaging does not indicate any.

Additionally, this locking mechanism does not allow reversible installing, which means it is only compatible with standard-built doors.


  • Scratch and rust resistant mechanism
  • Easy installation on standard doors
  • Prevents breaking in


  • No screwdriver included

5. Copper Creek db2420ab Double Cylinder Deadbolt

The Copper Creek db2420ab Double Cylinder Deadbolt is the epitome of durable construction.

Made from a combination of tough steel metal and solid brass, this locking system exceeds ANSI grade three expectations.

Product Highlights

The most attractive feature of the Copper Creek db2420ab is its overall durable build.

The cylinder guard within is made from high-quality steel, while the cylinder itself is made from solid brass.

Despite the highly-dense metal built, this double cylinder deadbolt is not heavy, which would otherwise hinder key movements.

You will also find that this locking mechanism is graded level three by ANSI standards which means that it is adequate for residential establishments.

What We Like

We were impressed by the easy installation feature of this locking system.

There are three-inch-long screws given in the packaging that you can use to screw into the strike plate with the given tools.

What We Don’t Like

Although this locking system is compatible with doors with a standard thickness, it does not have reversible installation capabilities.

That means you will need to match the requirements of the door before purchasing the locking system.


  • Sturdy all-metal build
  • Easily withstand weathering
  • Tool included for easy installation


  • Not ideal for areas with a high-security threat

Buyer’s Guide

The right double-cylinder deadbolt will significantly enhance your home security system.

However, you should consider certain features before choosing the right one that matches your door locking needs and requirements.

From essential screws to strike plates, below are some key things to keep in mind before shopping for deadbolts.

Strike Plate

One of the most important things to consider when investing in a double cylinder deadbolt is the quality of the strike plate in its composition.

A strike plate is a metal plate that attaches to the door frame and has a hole for the steel bolt.

If the strike plate is made from flimsy or low-quality material, it will not be able to withstand forced entry and protect against intruders.

Therefore, we recommend opting for deadbolts that come with reinforced strike plates to ensure your home’s security.

Lock Grade Rating

The best double cylinder deadbolt will always have a transparent rating by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

These ratings range from one to three and help distinguish the locks based on their durability and potential ability to resist breaking in.

Here is an overview of the rating scale:

  • Grade One

Deadbolt locks with a grade rating of one tend to the sturdiest and were used only once in industrial settings.

It is the highest level of rating that a deadbolt lock can receive, making these locks the safest.

  • Grade Two

Grade two deadbolt locks are most commonly used for residential settings these days.

They are mostly made with high-quality steel material that can withstand a standard number of forced entry attempts.

However, we recommend opting for grade one locks if your residential area has higher security needs.

  • Grade Three

Deadbolt locks with a grade three rating offer a substandard level of protection.

These are mostly preferred on secondary access points with higher graded locks installed on primary access points.

These locks are not designed to hold against forced entry and are not as durable as other graded locks.

Easy Installation

Residential deadbolt locks are specifically designed to fit any exterior door easily, thanks to their conventional pre-drilled holes.

They are easy to install, and you can do it without requiring any professional help.

However, if your deadbolt lock does not come with three-inch screws in the packaging, we recommend purchasing these separately.

Although three-inch screws are a standard part of the deadbolt packaging, you can replace them with smaller screws.

The larger screws attach the strike plate to the door frame and are comparatively sturdier than their smaller counterparts.

On the other hand, smaller screws cannot embed deep enough into the wall frame behind the door, making it easier for intruders to kick the door open and compromise overall security.


1. Are Double Cylinder Deadbolts Safe?

Double cylinder deadbolts offer maximum safety and security to users.

Although homeowners more commonly use single-cylinder deadbolts, intruders can easily pick and unlock these locks.

For instance, single-cylinder deadbolts installed on doors close to windows can be unlocked easily by breaking the glass and reaching the turning mechanism.

On the other hand, double cylinder deadbolts require a key on both ends to lock or unlock.

It’s difficult for burglars to access any space or home despite a closeby window that they can break open.

Therefore, although these may not be as convenient as single-cylinder deadbolts, they remain the safest option for homeowners.

With their high safety standards, these locks are often ideal for families with young children or elderly suffering from conditions like dementia.

Nonetheless, these deadbolts also require additional care to secure the key that is essential for gaining access into spaces.

We also found that double-cylinder deadbolts are ideal locking mechanisms for sliding glass or screen doors and windows.

That is because despite breaking the glass or tampering with the screen, the intruder will require a key to gain full access to the area inside.

As such, double cylinder deadbolts are extremely safe and secure compared to single cylinder deadbolts.

2. Are Double Key Deadbolts Illegal?

It is always a good idea to check your local fire code restrictions before installing double key deadbolts.

In the event of an emergency, people may get entrapped in a house or building, especially if they don’t have the keys.

For safety reasons, some cities have made it illegal to install double-cylinder deadbolts in access areas that may hinder escape routes.

For instance, the uniform building code of the city of San Jose in California has prohibited homeowners and construction personnel from using these locks.

If you are unsure about your area’s regulation and local codes, we recommend consulting with a certified locksmith in the area.

These specialists are not only up to date with local guidelines but will also help you make an informed decision regarding installing double-cylinder deadbolts.

Ideally, you should only install double key deadbolts in access points where a clear plan for emergency escape has already been drawn.

3. What Is the Difference Between a Single Cylinder Deadbolt and a Double Cylinder Deadbolt?

The most obvious difference between a single-cylinder deadbolt and a double cylinder deadbolt is the number of key slots in each lock.

A single-cylinder deadbolt is designed to have a single key slot on one side and a turning on the other side.

This turning lever mimics the mechanics of a key, ensuring a locking mechanism from one side without requiring an actual key.

This side of the single-cylinder deadbolt is often installed facing indoors to provide an added sense of privacy and security.

On the other hand, the double cylinder deadbolt has a key locking mechanism on both ends, requiring a key to lock and unlock.

Despite the minor difference in design, both locking mechanisms are very different from one another in terms of functionality.

For instance, single-cylinder deadbolts are considered more practical, convenient, and cheaper, usually a prominent choice for everyday utility.

On the other hand, double cylinder deadbolts offer more safety and security.

4. Which Is Better Single or Double Cylinder Deadbolt?

Both single and double cylinder deadbolts have multiple benefits and drawbacks, so choosing one locking mechanism over the other is often a personal preference.

There are multiple features to consider when choosing the right deadbolt for your living space or workspace.

For instance, as a homeowner, if you are living in a neighborhood with comparatively compromised safety standards, then a double cylinder deadbolt may be better.

If you are in an area with fire threats, you may want to consider the single-cylinder deadbolt because of its easy access points.

Unfortunately, there is no sure-shot answer when asked which of the two deadbolts is better as both have varying functionalities.

5. Can a Deadbolt Door Be Kicked In?

Deadbolts are generally designed to be sturdy locking mechanisms that can withstand some level of force when kicked in.

Statistically, most deadbolts can easily withstand an ample amount of force ranging anywhere between 100 and 400 pounds.

While kicking in a deadbolt door may be difficult, it is not entirely impossible, especially if the door in question is not sturdily built.

Therefore, it is recommended that you invest in high-quality doors when installing deadbolts to ensure maximum safety and security against forced entries.

Final Recommendation

We found the Baldwin Prestige 385 to be the best double cylinder deadbolt locking system based on multiple factors.

For starters, it has a level two grade rating by ANSI, making it super safe and secure against forced entries.

Secondly, it is made with high-quality stainless steel material, which is not only resistant to rust and corrosion but will also not break if kicked in.

Finally, it has a side locking bar and supports SmartKey rekeying technology to counter lost or unreturned keys.